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Summer Workshop : Being an Earth Keeper

Summer Workshop : Being an Earth Keeper
Fri, 19. August 2022 - Mon, 22. August 2022
Ireland - Feakle, Co Clare, Ireland V94 Y426
Summer Workshop


Working with Plant Spirits

 Being an Earth Keeper

 Connecting and co-creating with the Earth and the Spirits of Nature
to heal our plant, our communities and ourselves

19th - 22nd august 2022
A 4-day ceremonial retreat with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah, Ireland


We live at a time of planetary crisis and transformation. At this critical and amazing time, we all must become EarthKeepers, listening to the Earth and co-operating with Her to co-create a new way forward for our Planet and the children yet to come.

Human disconnection has caused major issues. We have disconnected from Nature, from each other, and from our own true selves. This ceremonial retreat offers ways to reconnect with the Earth and all Her realms, to feel Her vibration, hear Her messages, and align with Her Dream. It is designed to help each of us remember our connectedness and to weave our own threads back into the web as Earth Keepers. We come to dissolve the grief of separation, to heal ourselves, and find new ways of being in the World.

In sacred ceremony, we will build our relationship with the Earth, spending time in Nature, connecting with the soul of the land. Through journeying, practical exercises, divination and profound self-healing methods, we will dissolve self-limiting constructs that no longer serve us or our Planet. Working in the Medicine Wheel Herb Garden, the plant Labyrinth and the Temple of Sacred Sound, we will expand our perceptions to connect with the plants and all the Spirits of Nature. Supported by magickal plant elixirs, we will let go our old stories, craft a renewed light body and remember ways to co-operate with Grandmother Earth. The retreat culminates in a powerful group ceremony to bring a new Dream into being.

Are you hearing the call of Grandmother Earth? The call of your Soul?
You are invited to stand with us in loving self-acceptance and unity consciousness, claim your mystical wisdom, and open your own flower to the World!

Help us to manifest a new Dream where all Beings live in Harmony.
Let us unite in love for the Earth to flourish.

No experience necessary – only an open heart.

Practical terms :  

For information and bookings, contact Marion

  • Location : Irlande, County clare 
  • Dates: 19th to 22nd august 2022
  • Energy Exchange: 460 €  (includes €100 booking deposit, 4x lunches). 
  • No translation (only english language)
  • All payments non-refundable unless the retreat is cancelled.
    Evening meals available at additional cost. Please enquire.
    Non-residential. Accomodation Feakle village:

More information about Carole Guyett and her place on her website :



Derrynagittah School of Sacred Plant Medicine
Feakle, Co Clare, Ireland V94 Y426