Dancing Light

Country : France
City : Serris (Seine et marne 77)
Accredited Healing Practitioner

  • Dancing Light of the plants is a medicine woman perpetuating Celtic tradition, herbalist, light-passer and shamanic practitioner.

  • She was initiated for many years shamanic healing practices by shamans of different cultures (Celtic, Siberian, Amerindian).

  • She received her name as a medicine woman after 7 years of shamanic apprenticeship in Ireland where she pioneered the initiation of the "wise healer". Trained in Plant Spirit Medicine (sacred plant medicine) in Ireland by Carole Guyett and in the Herbalist tradition in Quebec by Daniele Laberge, she was given the mission to practice and teach sacred plant medicine in France.

  • She is now involved in the FSPM, the International Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine, where she works in the Accreditation Team.

  • Perpetuating the art of ancestral shamanic healing techniques and the Plant Spirit Medicine, Dancing Light of the Plants helps you to regain your true nature and to unfold your inner light.

  • She also created the CENTRE D'AME VERTE, a school of shamanism and sacred Plant medicine where she also teaches for several years the traditional and shamanic herbalism. Through various initiatory training programs and ceremonies that she animates, Dancing light is dedicated to helping beings to better understand the meaning of their life, to heal the wounds of soul which prevent them from advancing serenely towards their destiny, foster the emergence of their true being, and reveal or develop their talents, or personal medicine.