Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

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Sacred Plant Medicine

The Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine is a worldwide spiritual community dedicated to honouring the wisdom of plants. Our mission is to protect and promote plant wisdom for the generations to come. We promote sacred plant medicine through education, healing, ceremony, art and other appropriate means. At the heart of Sacred Plant Medicine is our relationship with nature. By making a deep connection with the plant world we remember our own connection with all of nature. Practitioners of sacred plant medicine work with the healing power of plants as healers, ceremonialists, and makers and growers.

Sacred Plant Medicine Practitioners

Dog RoseFind the Register of Full Members (accredited healing practitioners, priestesses and priests, makers, growers and communicators):

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DaturaWould you like to learn Sacred Plant Medicine and become a healer, a priest(ess), or a maker/grower? Discover our accredited schools:

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Membership and Accreditation

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What we do?

We aim to protect, promote, share
and celebrate Sacred Plant Medicine

We operate from the premise that ‘Love is all there is’ and we are dedicated in service of the Dream of the plants and the Dream of Grandmother Earth. As humans, we recognise that we are spiritual beings, intimately connected to the spirits of plants. Our aim is to help bring Heaven to Earth by co-creating with the plants and embodying the Virtues of Heart, Beauty, Peace, Grace and Freedom.

Our work is to promote and perpetuate sacred plant medicine with impeccability and integrity. Intent that this wisdom is passed on in a secure framework and without distortion, our Code of Ethics and Accreditation systems ensure that we maintain the highest possible ethical, competent and professional standards of practice. In this way, we exist as a professional body for practitioners of sacred plant medicine and we maintain a public register of practitioners.

In addition, the Foundation operates as a wide community of those who love and respect plants and their spirits. We bring together experienced practitioners in sacred plant medicine, “elders” who transmit the gifts and wisdom of the plants, students and plant medicine apprentices, as well as supporters and friends – all of us coming together in our love of plants and to share various co-creative projects.