Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine


All our full members have completed training at an accredited school, and each one is dedicated in service to the plant world.
A full member may qualify as a healing practitioner, a priestess or priest, a maker, grower or communicator working with Sacred Plant Medicine.

3 types of practitioners

Healing practitioner members

As a form of healing, Sacred Plant Medicine is holistic plant medicine addressing imbalances on all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Practitioners of Sacred Plant Medicine work with the healing power of plants in order to treat the cause of an imbalance and bring about healing, thereby restoring the client to wholeness. Practitioners work with the spirit of the plant, along with other aspects such as the vibrational essence and herbal remedy, as appropriate for each person.

At the heart of Sacred Plant Medicine is our relationship with nature. By making a deep connection with the plant world we remember our own connection with all of nature. This is profound soul medicine, soothing the soul and assisting us to fulfil our soul’s purpose.

An initial visit to a Sacred Plant Medicine practitioner involves giving an in-depth health and personal history. This enables the practitioner to build a picture of the person as a whole being and to identify the cause of a complaint and what may be needed to bring that person back into balance. By careful questioning and sensitive perception, the practitioner looks deep within the person and assists the client to formulate a clear intention for their healing.

A typical healing session involves the client lying on a treatment couch while the practitioner carries out the healing. The practitioner will be using their own finely-tuned awareness while calling on the spirit of plants to correct imbalances. The plant energies can come through in various ways and during the healing the practitioner may use a variety of methods such as hands-on healing, drum, rattle, voice or other instruments, sacred smoke (‘smudge’), vibrational plant essence sprays or whatever is appropriate for the individual.

To complete the session, the practitioner shares insights received and together with the client, they make a plan for the client’s next steps. This may include offering advice about herbs and flower essences, as well as suggestions around diet and lifestyle. The client will be introduced to plants or other allies who have come forward to bring healing or guidance and the practitioner will explain how to continue working with the ally and deepen the relationship. Healing sessions may also take place remotely.

Subsequent healing appointments can be made as required. A Sacred Plant Medicine healing session provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature and restore ourselves to harmony and balance.

Priestess and Priest members

A Sacred Plant Medicine Priestess or Priest dedicates her or his life to Divine Purpose, making a conscious commitment in service to the Plant World and to the Goddess, in alignment with Her Divine Plan for Planet Earth. The Goddess is seen as the Divine Mother of all beings and we recognize and honour Her sacred expression through the Plant World. As guardians of Sacred Plant Wisdom, priestesses and priests are committed to nurturing the Light of the Plants and helping this to shine in the world.

This is a path of devotion and a vocation from Spirit. Those who follow this path are answering a deep inner calling, one that requires integrity and dedication. It is a path of devotion to the divine unfoldment of the soul.

An accredited Priestess or Priest has been trained to attune to and work sacredly with all energies, particularly those of Nature and the elements. We aim to embody the ways of the Sacred Feminine, dropping from ego and entering the receptive place of stillness and centred presence where Divine wisdom can flow through us. We come to listen: to the Goddess, to the plants, to Spirit in all its forms and to those who seek our help.

As a Priestess or Priest, we are committed to standing publicly for the Divine Feminine in whatever way we are each called by Her to express our personal medicine. This can vary from offering one-to-one assistance to holding group ceremonies such as celebrating fire festivals, plant diets, baby blessings, weddings or funerals. We step forward in service to the worlds of Grandmother Earth (mineral, plant, animal, human and ancestral), standing as Keepers of the Sacred Flame, holding the Light so that others may find their own direct experience of Divinity. We work passionately to raise the vibration of our physical world, infusing it with sacredness.

Makers, growers and communicators members

These members are professionally engaged as Makers, Growers and Communicators. For instance, they may be commercial herb growers, medicine makers, garden designers, gardeners or professional artists. They may be writers, musicians, film or podcast makers. For all of them, their work involves honouring plants as sacred beings, in alignment with the FSPM Core Values. They have all completed an accredited course and their creations are produced following the ways of Sacred Plant Medicine.