Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Accreditation Process

Requirements for Accreditation

To receive FSPM Accreditation as a Full Member, you must:

EITHER have completed a recognized training with an FSPM accredited school.

OR be assessed individually by the Accreditation Board and receive a positive decision. Assessment involves providing all requested information and may include a personal interview. In some circumstances, the Accreditation team may ask for additional steps to be taken or they may validate a different level of membership. 

In the first instance, all applicants should contact the membership secretary and complete the appropriate Full member application form/s (Healing practitioner, Priest/Priestess, Maker/Grower). Your application will be directed in the appropriate way. Please do not send your membership fee until your application has been processed. 

All Full members are asked to sign a declaration to honour their commitment to FSPM’s ethics, aims and values.

To receive FSPM accreditation as a SCHOOL or COURSE, you must apply to the FSPM Accreditation Board, by sending us an email.