Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

There are three categories of Membership: Full members, Associate members and Friends.

To become a Full or Associate member of FSPM, you need to choose your category of membership (please see the Membership page for details) and request an application form from the Membership secretary by sending an email, or by completing a form from the Membership page

Once your application has been approved, you need to pay the appropriate annual fee, which can be paid either online via this website or by a bank transfer, or by cheque. Once your membership fee has been received, you will receive confirmation of FSPM membership via email.

To become a Friend member,  you can pay your annual membership fee directly via this website, on the Membership page, no need to request an application form.

For the list of Benefits of Membership within each Membership category, please read Question 5 below.

Payments on this website are made by Paypal but if you want to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Full or Associate Membership is valid for one year, and runs from 1st November until 31st October each year. 

Friend membership is valid for one year from date of payment of fees.

All practitioners need to check the regulations in their own country. FSPM healing practitioners in the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and Gibraltar can receive professional insurance through Balens Insurance (EU and UK).

You can find the benefits of each membership category by clicking here.