Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Our Team

Our volunteer members

The foundation is run by a circle of volunteer members. 

We work as a medicine wheel, each holding a different direction.

Julie-Ann O'Connor

Julie-Ann O'connor

As North West of our Circle
I am a member of the Communication team.

Michèle Kech

As North of our circle,
It is my job to keep our work well grounded and deeply rooted, and to ensure that our work is nourished by the stability of Earth.

Heather Sanderson

As North East of our circle,
I am working on maintaining balance and a good flow of energy through our circle.

Joanie Murpy

Joanie MurpHy

As West of our circle, 
It’s my job to feel what happens deeply in our circle, what is not visible but well present, I am connecting the emotions that emerge from our circle. I make sure that heart of our circle is happy and free to express.

Carole Guyett

As Centre of our Circle,
it is my job to ensure we stay in alignment with our vision, purpose and core values. I am responsible for making sure we are always listening to Spirit. I aim to hold a place of balance, harmony and wholeness, offering my insights, ideas and experience while bringing support and guidance to all members of the Circle and nurturing their unique skills. I am chairperson at meetings.

Marion Carey

Marion Carey

As East of our circle,
It is my job to support open-hearted communication and to help bring in fresh ideas and inspiration to the work of our Foundation. I am also the current secretary of the Foundation and so am responsible for the more practical side of communication as well, both in English and French.

Marina Levitina

As South-West of our Circle,
it is my job to hold the Dream of the Foundation as it unfolds in beauty. I am a member of the Accreditation team and the current Membership secretary

Frédérique Vaissiere

As South of our circle,
I am the Francophone focal point for accreditation requests from people living in France, Belgium, Quebec, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Polynesia … I am part of the Accreditation team that reviews application forms and verifies whether the level of qualifications appears sufficient to deliver the requested accreditation. I am also in charge of the website.

Juli Malone

Juli Malone

As South-East of our Circle,
it is my job to connect with the ancestors, to listen to their advice, welcome their gifts, and keep in alignment with their wisdom.