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Carole Guyett

Accredited Healing Practitioner

Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist and practitioner of sacred plant medicine who has worked with healing plants for 40 years. She is a passionate plant lover, medicine woman and teacher, dedicated to bringing the gifts of the plant world to others and to assisting with the awakening of humanity.


Carole’s work incorporates sacred ceremony, herbal medicine, flower essences, plant spirit healing and shamanic practices. She blends the Celtic tradition with the teachings of the Beauty Way, as brought to her by Arwyn DreamWalker, Métis Medicine Woman. Carole delights in sharing her love of plants.


She is founder of the Derrynagittah School of Sacred Plant Medicine and offers apprenticeships, workshops, plant medicine and sacred ceremony both internationally and from her herb centre Derrynagittah in the west of Ireland. 


Since 2008 she has pioneered and led ceremonial plant diets with native plants, as described in her book ‘Sacred Plant Initiations’.  Carole also works with a ceremonial plant labyrinth.


The Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine was founded by Carole in 2016.

High priestess

“As High Priestess of the Temple of Plants, I am joyfully dedicated to the Divine Feminine and to embodying Heaven on Earth. I am a plant-focused ceremonialist and labyrinth priestess who delights in sharing sacred ceremony with others. Love is my guiding force and my work is a blending of traditions, primarily European Celtic and Native American.”

Maker, Grower, Communicator

“I am a writer and a professional essence maker. Inspired by the Bach essences from an early age, I started making flower essences in 1986 and over time I have developed a range of vibrational essences known as ‘Derrynagittah Essences’. These are co-created with Nature using a variety of methods, both traditional and innovative. They honour the sacredness of all beings and incorporate plants, minerals and animal energies, as well as universal energies from the environment such as the sun, moon, stars, planets and elements. I also work with sound, labyrinth energies and other creative forces according to my guidance.


Most of my essences are made here in Ireland at Derrynagittah. Some have been made in other lands. In my healing practice, I find the essences to be an invaluable soul medicine for humans. I also treasure them for the blessings they bring to plants, animals, minerals, the land and the environment in general. I delight in making vibrational essences and I am in constant gratitude for the generous gifts they offer.


I love to write and I am the author of two books: “Sacred Plant Initiations” (published by Bear and Co. 2015) and “The Herbalists Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond” (published by Aeon Books 2022). My essences and books are available through the shop at”




Derrynagittah, Co Clare