Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Julie-Ann O'Connor

Julie-Ann O’Connor

Priestess & accredited Healing Practitioner

Growing up on the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Co. Galway in the West of Ireland a love and appreciation of the elements and being out in nature as much as possible was deeply cultivated. A lifelong love and affinity with plants led me to initially train as an Aromatherapist in 2001. I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to apprentice with some of Irelands Wisest Women in more recent years, beginning with Judith Hoad of Inver, which led me onto meeting Carole Guyett of Derrynagittah and becoming an apprentice on the Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship, which I completed in 2018. Currently I’m a final year apprentice of Herbal Medicine with Nikki Darrell of The Plant Medicine School.


One of the aspects of the Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship that I fell in love with was flower essences and I’ve been captivated by them ever since, harvesting with loving intent and gratitude and being witness to the very subtle and potent healing and support they offer. As a qualified and practicing Reflexologist & Aromatherapist since 2001 I’m happy to be able to weave the threads of my lifes work into a healing expression of my love of nature, our world and assisting people towards wellness and being able to recognise and appreciate their own beauty and presence.


I’m dedicated to living my life in conscious connection with the plants and bringing their medicine through my work and it has given me great pleasure to have co created O’ Connors Herbal Healing & the Centre for Sacred Plant Medicine in Gort, Co. Galway. This centre is dedicated to being a healing space of quiet contemplation, love and beauty in our world, a place where people are encouraged to explore who they truly are and to listen to what it is their soul is calling for. As a fully qualified and practicing therapist for 18 years and an experienced third level education lecturer & community education tutor I love helping people to connect more consciously with the natural world, to listen more deeply, to tune in to what their body feels and to recognize what it is their heart sings to.


At the Centre each room is dedicated to certain plants, trees, animals, birds and elements. Treatments available include Sacred Plant Medicine, Flower Essence Therapy, Shamanic Counselling, Aromatherapy massage for Women, Soul Midwifery, Reflexology and for anyone who would like to be a case study, Herbal Medicine consultation is also available.  There’s the choice of a very peaceful green and earthy Nettle & Oak room, and the enlivening fiery yellow Dandelion & Hawthorn room.


Apple & Blackberry is our circle and workshop space where Death & Dying workshops, Women Cycling with the Moon & Conscious Connection with the Seasons circles, classes & workshops in Compassionate Self Care for Carers, Reflexology for Friends and Family, Intuitive Aromatherapy for Wellbeing, Enriching our lives with Sacred Plant Medicine and Nourishing Self Care for People Parenting Alone take place. I look forward to welcoming you.




Gort, Co Galway