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Marina Levitina

Marina Levitina

accredited Healing Practitioner

I am a Medicine Woman, teacher, and certified practitioner of Sacred Plant Medicine, having completed the Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship with Carole Guyett. I deeply love plants and all of nature. It is my dream and my offering to help the Earth at this transitional time in our history by helping people rediscover their oneness with nature, through healing, creativity, ceremony, and the joy of reconnecting with the wild places and experiencing the beauty and magic that is all around us.

After many years of film production work, university lecturing, and academic writing, I felt a strong call to follow my deep love of the plants. In 2013, I started the Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship, which transformed my life. Having completed the apprenticeship in 2016 and having become a certified practitioner of FSPM in 2018, I now offer individual healing sessions for adults and children.


Sacred Plant Medicine is a form of traditional healing where practitioners work with the healing power of plants to address imbalances on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). During a healing, I may use a variety of healing techniques including sound healing, hands-on work, drumming, smudging with sage, and the use of flower essences / vibrational plant essences.

As part of my healing sessions, we experience the Music of the Plants, where a plant is connected to a biofeedback device that allows us to hear the plant sing, bringing its healing energies through music. It is a beautiful and heart-opening experience. 


I have designed and regularly offer workshops about wild plants through the arts for primary school children. It is so beautiful to witness their innate connection and understanding that plants are alive! I am also a certified Forest School leader. Together we have made some short films where the children talk about their favourite plants and trees. To me, this work is also a form of healing for the collective. I also created Wild Plants Can Sing.


“I am an ordained Priestess of the Temple of Plants and the Goddess. I hold sacred ceremony for the people, including rites of passage such as Baby Blessing and Naming (where a child is blessed and welcomed into the world and into the community) and seasonal Fire festival ceremonies (Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, the Equinoxes, and the cross-quarter festivals). I also hold ceremonial nature walks, and group forest ceremony in deep connection with the spirit of the land. I love to share the magic of the plants with children, and work with the Music of the Plants biofeedback device, which allows us to hear the music of the plants. I can be contacted by email at:”




Flagmount, Co Clare