Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Building the rainbow Bridge of Peace


August 16, 2024 - August 19, 2024    
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Derrynagittah, Feakle, Co Clare, Ireland , V94Y426
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An initiation with Oak and Redwood

With carole Guyett at Derrynagitta, Ireland

We stand at the end of one Great Cycle and the start of another, a transitional stage on Earth as we move into a Golden Age of Peace and Harmony. Now is the time for humans to take an evolutionary leap and be part of a united way forward for ourselves, our children and the Earth Herself. It is time for all the peoples of the World to come together in harmony, each with their own unique pathways and understandings, to align with Grandmother Earth and reconnect with the Spirits of Nature.

At this ceremonial workshop, we hold a vision of Peace on Earth, envisioning a Rainbow Bridge of Peace, stretching across nations and continents, healing old wounds and bitterness as we join together in harmony. We know the change starts with each of us and we pray for the strength to become Rainbow Warriors of Peace, transforming our own inner enemies of self-doubt, fear, jealousy, judgement and separation. We pray for the courage to look in the mirror and face our shadow, to release and forgive. We do this for ourselves and as peacemakers for all the realms of the Earth.

Two magnificent trees have come forward to assist our quest. Oak and Redwood are offering to weave with us the colours, textures and energies of the Rainbow Bridge across our beautiful Planet and within our own bodies.

This will be a deep immersion with Oak and Redwood, an opportunity to be initiated by these two ancient masters as they show us how to live together in unity. They come generously offering their many gifts and virtues, to strengthen and awaken us, to help us transform our blocks and step forward as the Sacred Humans we were born to be.

By ingesting the sacred elixirs of both these trees, we will receive their profound blessings to body, mind and spirit. Empowered by the courage of Oak, and the vision of Redwood we intend to step into a New World of Peace, both within ourselves and in the outer world.

During this retreat we will commune with the trees on the land, in the Medicine Wheel herb garden, the labyrinth and the Temple of Sacred Sound, journeying deeply with the plants and taking part in potent healing ceremonies for the benefit of all beings. We will call on the Whirling Rainbow to bring peace and wholeness to our lives.

Are Oak and Redwood calling you?

Do you long to open your heart and listen to their wisdom? Are you yearning to fulfil your potential and be at peace? To forgive and release yourself and others? Are you willing to look into the pool of reflection, to open yourself to healing and take a massive leap forward in your life? If the answer is yes, then this workshop is for you.

Join us! You are invited into the sanctuary of Derrynagittah. Come and connect deeply with Oak and Redwood in the unique alchemy of their co-creation.

No experience necessary – only an open heart!

Energy exchange: €495 (includes lunch each day and €100 booking deposit to reserve your place)

All payments non-refundable unless the retreat is cancelled.

This workshop is different to my usual plant diets, it is non-residential and does not involve fasting.

Location: FeakleCo Clare V94 Y426, Ireland.

Accomodation: Loughnane’s hostel, Feakle or B&B
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Presented in English.

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