Everything began with a dream

Our history began in 2016, the expression of our founder’s dream to create an international group with shared values and love of plants, coming together to honour the plants, to support each other and to spread the work of Sacred Plant Medicine. Carole’s dream was inspired by the plants and by the passion and commitment of her dedicated apprentices. The Goddess Airmid was a guiding force since the beginning and our first meeting took place during the workshop ‘Airmid and the Dream of the Plants’.

Inaugural meeting

Carole hosted the inaugural meeting at Derrynagittah in 2016. One year later in 2017 we had our 2nd AGM at Derrynagittah. Group name changed to Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine (FSPM). Instigation of biannual newsletter (Bealtaine & Samhain). Circle of Elders assigned to Medicine Wheel with corresponding roles.

Defining Constitution and standards

3rd AGM at Derrynagittah. Acceptance of new Constitution & Code of Ethics.

Accreditation Team working to define standards and membership criteria.

Website under development

Website under development.

Opening to general membership

4th AGM at Derrynagittah. Membership criteria agreed.

Bank account open. 

Full members make their Oath of  Sacred Plant Medicine.