There are 3 types of Membership:

Full Members       Associate Members       Friends

Full Members are professionals who work with Sacred Plant Medicine and who meet the FSPM required standards of training and Professional and Ethical standards.

There are 3 categories of Full Membership, namely:

i) Healing practitioners
ii) Priest/Priestesses
iii) Makers & Growers

Where appropriate, Full Members may belong to more than one category.
Details of entry requirements are available from the Membership secretary.

Associate Members include students and others who have a background in Sacred Plant Medicine e.g. Plant Spirit Healers and either choose not to practice or do not meet the required standards of training for Full Membership. All share the Foundation’s values.

Friends are those who support the work of the Foundation.

Membership application forms for all categories are available from the Membership secretary, and can be downloaded from this website.