Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

A french experimental group to help mother earth with Plant Spirit Medicine

In July 2019, an experimental group of plant dreamers participated in the new plant spirit medicine course designed and guided by Dancing Light of the Plants (Centre D’âme Verte – France). This workshop had the ambition to help Mother Earth with Plant Spirit Medicine.


During these two ceremonial days, all the participants were amazed by the gigantic work in perfect co-creation that all the plant, mineral, and animal beings realize constantly to help the earth. However, we have made the sad report that humanity does not contribute enough to this balance and together we decided to do our part now, acting as sacred humans.


So we contacted landscape spirits and learned to sound the dream of different places where we went physically or shamanically. We received the help of many fairies who were our guides, and some “wild” herbs. They also helped us to care for some places that needed to receive healings.


Then we collectively manufactured an environmental spray composed of several plant spirits having a complementary action to help the environment. Seven wild geese brought their medicine to this spray, entering our sacred circle as we were pulling out to let the fairies add their magic to the remedy. The seven wild geese waited for the last person to finish putting her plants in the water, then they approached the jar of plants lying in the grass, dancing all around it, while we continued to sing… then they left as they appeared.


The finding later made by our group that humanity does not express enough its gratitude for the abundance of crops, fruits and vegetables generously offered by the land. So later we used this environmental spray in a beautiful ceremony of gratitude that we held to manifest our thanks to the surrounding cereal fields. A light wave filled with love began to radiate from the field around which we were gathered.


We hope that all those who will eat this wheat and barley will also be touched by this awareness and by this burst of gratitude. And that the seeds will keep this information of love and light as long as possible.


Dancing Light then introduced participants to an ancient technique used to question the spirit of the earth itself, so that everyone would be able to receive guidance from Mother Earth and align with her dream.


Finally, to transmute local pollution and to restore an elemental balance, we have also been helped by stellar knowledge, taking advantage of the healing forms that other forms of stellar life have left us through various crop circles.


The mushroom spirits have joined us also, to show us how they contribute to help Mother Earth. It was very happy, and all the worlds of the Grandmother were united in the same harmony and intention of love.