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Heaven on Earth

Walking with Angels. An Angelica Initiation

In August 2023 I held a 4-day ceremonial retreat at Derrynagittah, Ireland, along with 30 intrepid plant lovers.
Our intent was to honour Angelica, immersing ourselves in her energy and opening to Heaven on Earth.
We invited Angelica into our bodies by drinking a sacred elixir, communing with her on the land and taking part in profound healing ceremonies.

What happened was truly magical and extraordinary! Angelica connected us with Source and opened gateways to the angelic realm. We had a profound lived experience of Heaven on Earth. I do not remember ever feeling so much love in the Temple, it was astonishing. Everywhere I looked, I saw such incredible beauty and love, with everyone shining as radiant beacons. It made me realise that indeed, Heaven is already here on Earth. Our job is simply to recognise it and live it, aiming to stay in this vibration as much as we are able, embodying our full potential. Heaven is within each of us, and as we open to this energy, so it spreads. We are no longer in the phase of preparation, we are now anchoring the future world that is in fact the present world.

I feel so grateful that this was shown to me by Angelica, emphasising again the significant role the plants are playing in our evolutionary process, our movement into a Golden Age. Also reminding me that as humans who stand for the plants, we are forerunners, pioneers in this shift. There really is so much difference each of us can make for the benefit of the Earth and Her realms and for the children yet to come.

Beauty Plant Dreamer, Carole