Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Cyprus Aphrodite pilgrimage & Olive plant Diet

At the Autumn Equinox 2023 BeautyPlantDreamer went to Cyprus with a small group of pilgrims, to meet with the Goddess Aphrodite and to diet with the sacred Olive trees. This was made possible by BeautyFeather, who lives on Cyprus. It was a magical adventure with the Olive, the Goddess and the Waters, with our intentions firmly focused on peace, love and beauty, both for ourselves and for the collective. 

Pics of Aphrodite’s rock

We bathed at Aphrodite’s Rock, the place where Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea, and where we experienced a rebirth and initiation. We visited ancient sacred sites and walked beautiful labyrinths by the sea, opening portals which facilitated our connection to Aphrodite.

Baptism near the sea

After communing with Olive at an organic Olive Farm, we explored traditional villages, climbed to the Temple of Aphrodite and took part in a beautiful baptism ceremony for Beauty Feather’s son Eagle Heart, who was baptised in the waters of White Sands beach.



The Goddess walked with us and opened our hearts, and the ancestors were very present. Aphrodite revealed a host of unexpected faces, taking us to the Black Madonna, Isis and the Great Goddess, amongst others. We experienced an awakening and rebalancing of both the sacred Masculine and the sacred Feminine, and we were shown the unity of all things: joy and sorrow, light and dark, pleasure and pain. We were called to enter the emptiness and come to a place of total loving acceptance of all. As we did this, we experienced our reactions, observing and letting go of identification with the roles we play, acknowledging the emotions and grief of separation that may arise as we re-unify.

Pics of monastery

Together with the Black Madonna, Olive led us on a magical journey of discovery to the golden monastery of Kykkos built in the high mountains of Cyprus to house an ancient holy icon of Mother Mary.  We were guided to a hidden cave, a place beloved of the bees and where the waters flowed within. Here we were blessed to offer a toning within the dark earth. This was a reclamation of the Goddess. She was truly with us and showed us that she is vaster than any name she can be given by us.

Olive gave us precious teachings about how humanity can move into Ether, showing us how fluidity and stability can exist together. She is very active at this time of change on the planet, and a big part of her role is to promote harmony and inner peace. Olive revealed that she is actively working in war-torn areas right now, even if this is not evident on the surface.
This was a life-changing trip, dedicated to Peace, Love and Beauty. Big thanks to Olive and to the Goddess. May our feet walk in your service.