Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine

Heaven on Earth

Walking with Angels. An Angelica Initiation In August 2023 I held a 4-day ceremonial retreat at Derrynagittah, Ireland, along with 30 intrepid plant lovers.Our intent was to honour Angelica, immersing ourselves in her energy and opening to Heaven on Earth. We invited Angelica into our bodies by drinking a sacred elixir, communing with her on […]

Cyprus Aphrodite pilgrimage & Olive plant Diet

At the Autumn Equinox 2023 BeautyPlantDreamer went to Cyprus with a small group of pilgrims, to meet with the Goddess Aphrodite and to diet with the sacred Olive trees. This was made possible by BeautyFeather, who lives on Cyprus. It was a magical adventure with the Olive, the Goddess and the Waters, with our intentions […]

A french experimental group to help mother earth with Plant Spirit Medicine

In July 2019, an experimental group of plant dreamers participated in the new plant spirit medicine course designed and guided by Dancing Light of the Plants (Centre D’âme Verte – France). This workshop had the ambition to help Mother Earth with Plant Spirit Medicine.   During these two ceremonial days, all the participants were amazed […]

Fruits of abundance and beauty

As the leaves fall all around us and we head into the Winter, it can be easy to mourn the end of Summer. Now, more than ever, we need to notice and become aware of the Beauty and Abundance that surrounds us at this magical time of year. It is the time of the year […]

2022 Priestesses ordination ceremony

On Tuesday August 23rd 2022, Ancient Light of the Earth Flame and Dancing Light of the Plants have been ordained into Derrynagittah’s Sacred Sound Temple. Some witnesses were also invited to this ceremony.Each priestess dedicated herself in service to a particular Goddess during two ceremonies full of Joy, Love, Light, Dance and Beauty. Those two […]

2019 Priestesses ordination ceremony

On Saturday, October 5th 2019, at Derrynagittah, Carole Guyett, the High Priestess of the Temple of Plants, officiated an ordination ceremony during which three priestesses were ordained and each one dedicated herself in service to a particular Goddess.   We welcome Julie Ann, Marina and Terri as priestesses of the Temple of Plants!   A […]

Working with Plant Spirits to bless and heal the waters of our planet

Healing the waters

16th-19th August 2019: A 4-day ceremonial retreat with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah, Co Clare, Ireland.   This retreat was an opportunity to bless and heal our Sacred Waters, both the waters of our beautiful planet and the waters of our own bodies. Connecting deeply with the Spirit of Water, we gave thanks and called for […]